Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ridding the post baby pooch!

Everyone wants to know the secret remedy for getting rid of the never wanted baby pooch. I wish I knew one...wait I is called liposuction! As far as I know that is the only easy way...but if you are like most of the women in this world that is not an option. The reality about it is the fat you have on your body and/or belly before a baby is going to be loose and stretch after having a baby. That is the way Heavenly Father made us women. So first off we need to recognize that and if we want to have children then we need to accept the challenge. Every part of our bodies will get bigger when caring a baby. I once had a very ignorant trainer tell me that luckily when your pregnant only your belly gets bigger. Needless to say he hasn't known many pregnant women. So here it is...when you are pregnant you do not necessarily gain more FAT...unless you gain too much weight. The normal/healthy range for most pregnancies is 25-35lbs. Some women will have a special case. So if we stay in this range we shouldn't be gaining too much more FAT if any at all. For the most part our body is just getting stretched out, saggy, and out of shape. By out of shape I mean loose; loosing the muscle tone we had to keep our self in buns, legs, bellies especially. (Same thing happens as we get older. The muscle tone can't expect to stay the way it was at 18 if we don't ever do anything to keep it that way.) Our muscles in our tummies...the abdominal and obliques (sides of tummy) are sagging out. So the layers of fat on top of the muscle are sagging out even more. The way to take care of this is simple on paper....but takes lot of work everyday. We have to tone up our abdominal muscle and obliques. That will flatten our stomach and then we need to burn the fat on top of the muscle. Doing crunches will not burn fat on your abs but it will tone up (flatten) the muscle under the fat. Cardio and eating good is the only way to burn fat...biking, running, hiking, swimming, eliminating white flour, bad carbs, junk etc. And keep doing those crunches, leg raises. I am trying to figure out how to add a link to some good work outs but you can google abdominal workouts and there are millions. I was raised in an athletic family. My mom bribed my from age 6 to motivate me to be good. So I have a lot of muscle tone from years of working out and playing sports. Keep it up and keep me posted!!


Cory or Cari said...

Good post for us saggy moms.

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