Monday, September 27, 2010

RS Womens Conference

Saturday I missed the womens conference because I was refing three matches out in Phoenix. I knew that if I had gone I would have come home uplifted and feeling a lot more prepared for my life ahead....aka the challenges of tomorrow, mothering, parenting, my own personal struggles, and life all together.

Dan left Sunday evening and I got the kids in bed and I was ready to sit on the couch and read or to google triathlon training or something else that I love to do when I CAN. But instead I made the right decision (sometimes that is all it takes is choosing the right) and pulled up the RS Womens conference online. Fast forwarding the songs and prayers does help it go a lot faster and I was also able to rewind when I missed or wanted to rehear something. It really is a great way to watch conference.

I do not think there is anything else that could have been discussed that is more important for me to learn. I feel the speakers were very inspired. I was able to keep fairly good notes with rewind. I plan on making some vinyl lettering on a window with Charity and Compassion.

Here is my favorite stuff!

Sis. Barbara Thompson - 2nd Counselor RS Presidency
*Kindness, tenderness, mercy, love, sympothy
*Desire to relieve suffereing from another
*Bearing anothers burdens
*Comforting those who need comfort
*Mourning with those who mourn


President Thomas S. Monson - President of LDS Church
*Tolerant of others, forgives, patient, sympathetic
*Love in action
*Patience when been let down
*Resist impusle to be offended
*Accept weaknesses
*Overlook short comings & appearance
*Accept people for who they are

"If You JUDGE People You Have No Time To LOVE Them!"

I can only imagine if I lived my life this way and how nice it would be to not have all the extra garbage pop up in my head floating around trying to be filtered. I am sure life would be so much happier and I would be a lot more like my Savior.

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