Monday, September 27, 2010

The power of warming up and cooling down!

You know through all the years in most things I did I usually did a little warm up. In volleyball practice we always had a good warm up before we started practice or games. I use to stretch a lot after my workouts. But for some reason when I would go out to run I just expected my warm up and cool down to be included. But not anymore.

I found a great quality work out from some web site...where I like to find a lot of workouts...and it begins with a 15 minute warm up and ends with a 15 minute cool down run or walk. For some that may be the entire run. So I decided to take it into action and not even care a bit about how fast or far I went or that first 15 minutes. I will tell you run was a completely different feeling. My runs are so much easier now and much better quality. A lot of the little aches and pains that I might usually encounter don't happen. You have got to try it. Here is my current favorite workout.

15 minutes as slow as you need- I usually start barely running and naturally my pace pics up as the minutes go by.

5 minute stretch routine

2 laps or 4 - 5 minutes at a faster pace. (Take 180-your age. ie 180-31=149) So I try to keep my first 1/2 mile within a 149-159 HR beats per minutes.

Next lap or 2-3 minutes is regular pace (HR bpm between 139-149.)

Then you get to walk for 1 minute.

(I take my HR with my watch. I stop and count for 10 seconds then multiply it by 6. I trust 10 seconds more than 6 seconds mulitiplying it by 10...but the math gets a little more difficult.)

Do this series as many times as you would like. I think 3 times is a great number to start with and then add one series each week.

Cool Down
10 minutes slow, I even walk the last few minutes. I find that recovery is better for my muscles and joints.

5 minute stretch routine

That is it and it has worked awesome for me! Please try it and let me know what you think. Again it is not my workout...I am a great borrower of all trades!

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